Choosing Great Events

Musical Chairs At Events And Parties: How To Rent The Right Seat For Every Guest At Your Gathering

Putting any type of event together means satisfying a lot of different tastes, preferences and even physical necessities. Every guest must be accounted for, especially when it comes to where they'll sit and what type of chair they'll sit on. Get this part of your event planning right and comfort will be had by all; however, get it wrong and the bottom will surely fall out on your gathering, whatever the occasion.

Remember That Uniformity Is Easier to Arrange

As much as you'll want to accommodate all your guests, keep in mind that the more uniform your event chairs are, the easier it will be to arrange them in a specific pattern, such as facing a speaker or large screen. The venue will also look more organized, professional and/or attractive, with matching seats.

Factor the Indoor/Outdoor Element Into Your Decision

Indoor chairs, usually referred to as banquet seating, may be more comfortable, with padded seats and even armrests, while those built for the outdoors tend to be the less cushy, folding types with short legs. While most people would rather position themselves on the more snug seat, if the party is happening outdoors, you'll need the models designed for that purpose. 

Look for Rental Chairs That Accommodate Children, If There Will Be Any in Attendance

Small kids especially benefit from pint-sized seating, so do them (and their parents) a big favor by finding mini chairs they'll feel comfortable occupying. Many rental companies cater to kid parties and so should have the smaller seats readily available.

Make Sure Seating Is Accessible to Those With Wheelchairs, Canes and Other Special Circumstances

Will there be elders at your event, or perhaps someone who walks with a cane or sits in a wheelchair? These are important details to consider, not just for the comfort of your guests, but their safety as well. You might place these MVPs at a less crowded table, to make sure there's plenty of room for the equipment in tow. Additionally, have a few chairs on hand for larger people, in case they're needed or requested. 

Include an RSVP for Miscellaneous Requests in Your Invitations or Announcements

Depending on the type of event you're organizing, it might be appropriate to include an RSVP regarding preferences for guests who need to be seated close to an exit or restroom, or have other special requirements. Word it professionally or, if your position isn't so staunch, add humor as you see fit. Lightening things up may make certain people feel more comfortable and apt to respond accordingly, which will ultimately make the event more successful.

Ask the Rental Company for Help

Talk to the agent at the event seating rental company and you're likely to get an earful of tantalizing tales about parties past where things went, unfortunately, awry. Hearing these juicy details may help you avoid a few mishaps of your own, along with giving you new ideas on how to do your job even better.

The seating is essential for any event, but far too many planners overlook this crucial detail of convenience and comfort. While some guests may be okay sitting on any old chair, you really need to do your research to make certain that every attendee has a seat that's suitable. You also want to make the task of putting your event together as easy as possible for yourself, so start early and opt for the most helpful rental company you can find.

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