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A Dove Release That Will Be Symbolic Of Your Loved One's Ascension Into The Afterlife

Releasing a bunch of doves into the air will make a powerful statement at the end of your loved one's funeral ceremony. If you have chosen to hold an outdoor memorial and want to provide your guests with a vision of your loved one being ascended into the afterlife, a funeral dove release will provide the symbolism that you are seeking.

A Dove Release Is Performed By Trained Handlers

A dove release involves hiring bird handlers who provide cages to temporarily house the doves in. You can decide how many birds you would like to include in the ceremony and can request that the handlers perform the actual release or that you and some or all of the guests take part in the ceremony.

Doves are trained extensively, prior to being utilized in a release. They will be able to find their way back to the spot where they roost. In addition, tracking devices are commonly utilized to ensure that each dove makes it back to their home base within a specific amount of time. If one or more of the doves were to get lost, the tracking device would allow a handler to locate the birds in need.     

Including a Dove Release in the Ceremony

A speech that covers your beliefs that your loved one is no longer suffering and that they are looking down on everyone or some soft music can be used, in conjunction with the dove release. If you or someone who you have assigned to speak are going to be responsible for giving a speech, write down everything beforehand. When you contact the owner of a dove release business, let them know what type of ceremony you are going to be holding.

Provide information about the setting, the number of guests that you project to attend, and the speech or music that will be incorporated into the dove release. Request the number of doves that you would like to use for the release. Even a small group of doves will add a nice touch to the ceremony, so don't think that you automatically need to request a large amount if you are not comfortable doing so.

When it is time for the dove release to begin, either prompt everyone to join you in a wide-open area outdoors or request that your guests remain seated and be quiet while the handlers get ready to release the birds into the sky.

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