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Planning A Summer Wedding? 2 Factors To Consider When Picking A Venue

When you think about all the details that come with planning a wedding, you may start to feel a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, if you recently got engaged and want to start planning, you may have many months to handle this demanding process slowly and carefully. While you may not know a lot about your wedding, you may feel confident about it happening during summer.

Once you are ready to start looking at wedding venues in a serious way, you should think about various factors that can affect your experience to help you with making a decision.


If you are leaning towards an outdoor venue, you need to think about what kind of temperatures you might experience for your wedding. The difference in temperature between a wedding that happens in early summer compared to the middle of summer can be drastic. So, you will find it beneficial to think about at what point during summer are you interested in getting married.

When you want the wedding to happen in the middle of summer, you may want to start prioritizing an indoor venue to make sure that you can keep everyone comfortable. If you are determined to have it outdoors, you want to pick a venue that can accommodate the situation.

A great example is choosing a venue with overhead coverage at the ceremony and reception. For instance, you can set up large tents or umbrellas to provide both comfort and coverage. This will also provide ample protection from the sun to minimize the chance of skin damage and sunburns.


If you plan on getting married where you live, you may know whether it might rain on your wedding day. While some couples may not mind getting a little wet during the wedding, you may want to make sure that you and your guests can get complete protection from the rain.

When speaking with planners at different venues, you want to ask them about rain and what their general preparations include. A great example of an impressive venue is one that has a backup indoor venue in case the rain becomes an intense downpour on the wedding day.

As for light and manageable rain, you should prioritize venues with backup equipment and supplies to provide protection from the rain. Also, switching from padded chairs to metal or plastic ones is worth doing because it will keep the seats from becoming too damp to sit on.

When you consider these important factors for a summer wedding, you can look forward to choosing a wedding venue with confidence. 

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