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Choose A Fill And Chill Table That Provides These Features

If you're planning an outdoor event and are thinking about the tables that you'll need to rent, one unique option can often be on your list. Typically known as a "fill and chill" table, although you may see it by other names, this type of table has a lip around the upper edge and is designed to be filled with cubed ice. You can then set canned and bottled beverages in the ice to make it easy for your event's guests to help themselves to whatever they want to drink. Fill and chill tables can be a good choice at sports-watching parties, pool parties, and several other gatherings. If you're looking at a few different designs, choose a table that has these features.

Drain Hole

While a lot of fill and chill tables are equipped with a drain hole in the middle, this isn't always the case. However, you're typically better off renting a table that does have this feature. Over the course of your event, the ice will melt and turn into water. You can easily get rid of the water by pulling the plug from the drain hole and allowing the water to drain into the ground below. In some cases, you and a helper may want to lift the table to carry it to an area where you won't mind the ground being wet. You can even drain the table when it has several bottled drinks on it before adding new ice.


You'll often see fill and chill tables that are equipped with one or more dividers. Their presence will allow you to create separate sections for holding different beverages. Being able to do so can especially be useful when your event has children and adults in attendance. For example, you might set up a divider in the middle of the table and have alcoholic beverages on one side and non-alcoholic beverages on the other side. Without this barrier, the drinks and cans could potentially become mixed, which could potentially result in a child taking the wrong drink.

Locking Legs

Pay attention to the legs of any fill and chill tables that you're thinking about renting. It's ideal if you can rent a table that has locking legs. This simple feature is often available, and it will prevent the legs from folding and having the table collapse. A fill and chill table holds a significant amount of weight, especially before people start removing drinks from it. You want to be confident that the legs will support this weight, and being able to lock them into place will increase your confidence that no issues will occur.

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